Keynote | JULIE RRAP

Day 1, September 12     09:30am - 11:00am

“The activity of art making is often a very solitary pursuit and one which requires commitment and dedication. However what practice really requires is the 'desire' to make and what fuels desire is a notion of research.”

Tracing through her early major works, in this session Julie Rrap will discuss her career journey as one of Australia’s most acclaimed artists for over 35 years. Since the mid-1970’s Rrap has worked with a range of media including photography, painting, sculpture, performance and video in an ongoing project concerned with representations of the body.

Rrap  will offer an insight into the importance of women artists bringing new imaginations and reinvigoration to the art world, as they re-write and re-establish the narrative of Art History.

Rrap will also discuss her experience as an educator in this session. Linking how passion and commitment to her own practice is significant in the mentorship and growth of her students.